Sunday, August 21, 2011

not what I expected from Craft Apple

Since I have another little person's stuff to carry around when I go out, I've spent quite a bit of time looking online for bag/tote patterns. One that I loved when I saw the cover image was the Chemisette Handbag Pattern from Craft Apple.

Since I am somewhat sleep deprived, I just looked at the photo and thought "that looks perfect!" without actually reading the specs. Because from the photo, it looks like a large bag that would hold my wallet, a couple of diapers, wipes, sunglasses and have a little extra room for things a Mama would carry. And with that, I ordered it.

I picked out the fabric I wanted and started to put it together. I thought it looked a little small as I was cutting out the pattern. About halfway through, I actually read the back of the pattern... Approximate dimensions of finished bag: 10" wide x 15" tall (including straps) x 2" deep.

Really?!? The bag looks much bigger from the photo. *sigh* I was terribly disappointed. I emailed the pattern maker.

"What size is the bag on the cover of the Chemisette Handbag Pattern? That is what I was expecting when I bought the pattern. There is no way that is the 10" bag made from the pattern... unless a child is holding it.

Had I realized it was this small, I would not have bought the pattern."

Linda from Craft Apple replied, "The bag is 10" wide. It is not a large bag, but the bag on the cover IS the bag that the pattern is written for. The model on the cover is me. I'm not a tall person, but am not miniature either. :) I wrote the pattern for a bag that would hold a wallet and essentials without being a big, heavy, carry-it-all-with-you bag. I hope this helps. Please let me know if you have any more questions."

Sadly, no that doesn't help. I feel like I wasted $12. :-\

The only bright spot is that my daughter likes her new purse. For the record, that's my daughter in the last photo. She is nine years old. Notice how similar the size of the bag looks against her and the one on the cover of the pattern.

Since it went together quite easily, sometime in the future I might make another one... just 130-150% larger.


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