Wednesday, May 18, 2011

so comfy!

After the dress disaster (of which I have been to frustrated to fix as of yet), I started on MPB Jeans Sew-along. I made a muslin of khaki twill. After working on it for more than a week and nearly completing it, I had DH try the pants on. Much to my dismay, they are too long in the rise. At this point, I have to rip out the entire inseam and make adjustments. *sigh*

So... I decided to put aside that project and make something for myself. Many years ago I bought a pattern for maternity pants. Nothing fancy, just glorified yoga pants, but it is the first time I have worked with knit. Thankfully it is an easy pattern and went together in one day. And I am feeling more comfortable with the serger.

These pants are sooooo comfy! I will be picking up more knit to make more pants as I plan on wearing these for the remainder of the pregnancy.
(I'll post pictures soon!)


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